Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Want to help with our next issue for Mecha Manga Bible Heroes #2?

Mecha Manga Bible Heroes comic book #2

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Mecha Manga Bible heroes comic book #2

About this project

The creators of the comic book MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES ( seek to further their tale beyond the initial "David vs. Goliath" story by offering the complete story of "The Rise of King David."
Additional installments will be released digitally with the potential one day of all four parts of the story before being collected into a paperback edition. These new digital comic installments will be launched for use with iPhone and iTouch systems and made available as downloads on the Apple iBooks store. Other outlets and systems are possible as well.
The journey to David's kingship is packed with action, adventure and intrigue in MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES, a digital comic series that offers a "new twist" on the Old Testament. The stories, characters and themes remain the same - only the setting has changed to a futuristic sci-fi world of robots, aliens and advanced technology, depicted in manga-style art. Readers will thrill as David becomes a fugitive from the deadly King Saul, jealous over the adoration David has received since slaying the giant (robot) Goliath.
Our first issue met with a lot of attention. After we officially announced our series, hits to our website increased 10,000%.  We received a lot of publicity in newspapers, on the internet and over the radio and were even invited to appear on a Catholic TV interview show (see the attached video). We are hereby raising funds to meet the requests of those that want to read more installments.
Picking up where issue #1 left off, the new entries detail how the masses embrace David, and even write a song about him with these lyrics: "Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands." Of course, this angers the sitting King, Saul. The story then takes on the tone of "The Fugitive" with David on the run from the incensed King Saul.
The series will now feature new art from Josh Alves and Eric Merced in addition to our team of writers, editors, letterers, colorists and programmers.  A potential paperback edition would include a reworking of issue #1 with new art.  Funding is required to enable our creative team to deliver this content in the high quality digital comic book format.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun coloring origami book!

Here's a great gift for your kids, this is so cool its like origami! 

© 2011 JMG Studio
John-Marc Grob

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Comic Book for your iPad

Great news today JMG Studio has partner with "Salinas Slugger Studio" with Peter Gonzalaz, to produce ePub  books for the iBookStore. Well today the first book is out and ready for download "David and Goliath".

David and Goliath: One of the most timeless Old Testament stories is brought to life with attention grabbing artwork that will interest your young reader.

Written By: Peter Gonzalez
Artwork By: Jim Kagel Jr

© 2011 JMG Studio

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New coloring pages from JMG Studio

We just added a few new pictures for your budding Artist(s) to color. Remember to send us your color pictures so we can add them to our kids Gallery! send them to me John-Marc I'll love to see them, oh and for everyone who send me one, I'll send them a special collector card too!

© 2011 JMG Studio

Classic pictures from John-Marc Grob

Here's just a few of John-Marc Grob fine Art-Photography. If your looking for fine Art for your home or business check these out.

Art Prints

© JMG Studio
John-Marc Grob

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photography for sale by John-Marc Grob

You may not know that John-Marc isn't just a Cartoonist, but a Photographer as well. Below is one of of his best selling Photo, now its for sale in prints and cards.

©2011 John-Marc Grob

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Very cool, our Drawing books are doing great on the iBookStore

Just can't believe how selling our books in the iBookStore could been so good! If you haven't seen our books yet you have to check them out, they are still FREE to download ... We are working on some new Drawing books like How to Draw Animails, and How to Draw Bugs! Who doesn't like bugs!


© 2011 John-Marc Grob

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coloring pages for kids! JMG Studio

JMG Studio has upload several new images, your kids will love to color. All are for FREE. After you colored them, how about sending us what you did! We would love to post your art on our website too.

E-mail us your colored pictures

© 2011 John-Marc Grob

Springtime is coming .... Check these cute fun T-Shirts

JMG Studio have several designs you and your kids will love to have, check them out.

© 2011 John-Marc Grob

Cool tie designs from JMG Studio

Check out some of these cool ties from Artist John-Marc Grob. 

Looking for and Illustrator, Animator? Check out the link above.
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NEW iPad case designs by JMG Studio

Looking for some cool and cute iPad covers, well check out some of ours ....
iPads Case Designs. Also check out some of our many other products too.

Remember to check out our site for new updates to our iBook list and Kids Fun Zone too!

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