Saturday, April 16, 2011

JMG Studio creating some new art ...

JMG Studio is creating new art for a company in Australia. A educational company has hired up to create frames and stickers for schools : ) here's some of the art .... more to come. They also hired us to create several fun kids pages for their website ...

© 2011 JMG Studio

New Art

Here's some new art for my Easter book ...



© 2011 JMG Studio

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Collector Cards JMG Studio

Hey Everyone, looking for a new way to spread the love for Christ? Well at JMG Studio we have several new tools you need to have. We have started to create a series of trading cards, all of which will be collectors too. Here's a few of them now, and more on the way. If you would be interested in getting them contact us at we'll send you a current list of cards available for you.

Have a great Day !!


© 2011 John-Marc Grob

New kids Easter story ...

Hey everyone, well i have been busy working on a new kids story for Easter. This book will be available in the e-pub version too. Now check out the fun pages .... you know having kids are great, why? you may ask .... well lets just say being an artist you can draw your kids and family into our art. Yep, for the Easter story I did just that ... : )

Enjoy the art.


© 2011 John-Marc Grob