Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kicking in Spring with some colors

Hey we need your help to kick in spring with some color ... check this link out below ...

Some pages from our Mother Nature coloring book

Here's an exclusive look to some of the many pages inside our lastest coloring book for the iPad and iPhone. Enjoy ....

© 2012 JMG Studio / Mark MacKay

JMG Studio latest coloring book

Hey ... JMG Studio is very excited about there new coloring book "Mother Nature" it should hit the iTunes store within 2 weeks, just as a reminder our sport coloring book should be coming soon too. Art by Mark MacKay.

Mother Nature coloring book

Sport coloring book

© 2012 JMG Studio / Mark MacKay

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some color pictures form my Easter book

What is easter about drawing pages

Enjoy these drawing which I used for my "What is Easter About?" book

several pages from the coloring book

JMG Studio is excited about one of there coloring books which has gone to the top of the list in one of Apples iBookStore selections.

Here's a few of the images.

© JMG Studio

Our #1 coloring book needs your help

Wow, "The Candy Shop" coloring book is #1 in the iBookStore for the "Children Nonfiction" select. we have started a project with Kickstarter to create a printed version, we need your help. Clock the link below for more information. Also if you help you, you'lll be getting cool stuff from Mark MacKay and John-Marc Grob. To start by clicking the link and funding starts as low as $2.00. Once more this book will be our first from digital to print so this will make a great collection : )

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