Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mecha Manga Bible Heroes, David and Goliath is now FREE for the iPad

JMG Studio has just released Meacha Manga Bible Heroes comic book #1 in the iBookstore David and Goliath . Hurry it's FREE too, for a limited time. This is in a series of 4 comic books about David, so bookmark JMG Studio site too for more updates about this series.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

FREE iPad book!!!

Counting with Fish is on the iPad and it FREE

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flash coloring page update ...

Here's a sample screen shot of what our flash coloring page might look like. send up your comments we would love to hear form you.
John-Marc Grob

Flash coloring book, all illustrations by John-Marc Grob

Coloring Pages for printouts from JMG Studio

JMG Studio has a ton, or lets say 20 stories of illustrations just waiting for you kids to download and color, we are in the final stage of this too. Remember we would love to post your kids Art on our site after they colored them in!
John-Marc Grob

Maze are coming to JMG Studio website!

Hey all you kiddies JMG Studio has been busy creating fun mazes for you to printout. Here's one of them now, we have a total of 20 different mazes with more on the way.!!! Update ... we have 5 mazes up now and are ready for your kids to download.

Check us out

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Video

A fun video of our family down in Ocean Grove this past August. The Newsboys were playing too, been six years since we saw them at Ocean Grove too. We had a great time!

Flash coloring pages coming to a screen near you.

JMG Studio is working on a fun flash coloring pages for their site. Were your kids will be able to color some fun and cute pictures, and we'll be adding new pictures monthly so your kids will never be bored. We are working on other fun games too.... So stop by our site soon for these fun games for your kids.

Here's just one of the pictures your kids could color.


Hot New News JMG Studio 2 New Books in the iBookStore

We are excited tell you that "Counting with Fish" and "How to Draw Fish" are both available in the iBookStore. Also for a limited time the Counting with Fish is FREE! so hurry and download your copy before it's tooooooo late!

As always check our site for more cool stuff and news too. JMG Studio

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ABC with Noah is now FREE for the iPad bookstore.....

That's right "A to Z with Noah" is now FREE for a limited time. This is a great book that your preschooler will love, with colorful animals. Clearly JMG Studio has done it again and wants you to check out their latest book for FREE. Look for other great books to come out soon too, like "Counting with Fish" I think the Studio might open the doors again for a FREE version for a limited time too ... : )

As always stop by our website for more fun games on the way and hot news too ... like this. Coloring book live at our site!? Coming soon too.

JMG Studio


Sunday, February 13, 2011

JMG Studio Mecha Manga Bible Heroes coming out for the iBookStore

Great news JMG Studio has finished creating the epub book for "Mecha Manga Bible Heroes" comic book. Look for it very soon in the iBookStore, or visit our site for more news and updates. JMG Studio.

Friday, February 11, 2011

iABC Noah iPhone iTouch App is FREE!

Yes you heard it right for a limited time this great App is FREE for download, visit this link for your free copy. iABC Noah.

Also The "ABC with Noah" book is just about up in the Apple iBookStore, we'll keep you posted on this too. We plan to have a Free download too, but you'll need to visit our site for more details about this.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Draw Dinosaurs is out on iBookStore!!

JMG Studio is excited to say our first book is out on the iBookStore "How to Draw Dinosaurs" we do have other on iBookStore, but through another publishing house. Since JMG Studio is now part of the iBookStore you'll be seeing a lot of John-Marc Grob's books. Not only his but many more well known Artists too .... So lets welcome JMG Studio to the Apple iBookStore ...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Drawing contest with JMG Studio and Memory Cross

JMG Studio will be working with Memory Cross on a monthly contest for kids. We are creating a website just for this contest that we'll be having monthly winners, we can't spill the beans just yet. It'll be a free contest too! With great prizes too!!!

Check out our website for the latest news and updates!

Friday, February 4, 2011

New Book in the iBookStore by JMG Studio

John-Marc Grob Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Animator ... and Photographer has just published his first 119 page Black and White Photography on the iBookStore. His book is call "A Moment In Time" the pictures are from the last 10 year. This is a series of 5 book he's producing. These pictures will inspire you and make you think, John-Marc really wants the viewer to think of what God has created around us. So many times we miss beauty that we have around us, but some pictures may not be all the beauty but tells a story. This is a great book you'll love. Here's a few pictures from the book.

Also check out our site for future events and new news.

JMG Studio and Counting with Fish update!!!

We are very excited to announce that the book is done ... We are waiting for the release on iBookStore when it is we'll let you know too. Also we are planning updates for "Counting with Fish" are lips are sealed .... but can I say iPad game ??? : )

Here's a few new pictures for the book too.


JMG Studio has some cool t-shirts designs and more

Looking to make someone smile ? well check out these fun t-shirt designs by John-Marc Grob. There are more items to choose from too like: iPhone case, iPad, Shoes, Mugs, Mouse Pads, and more .... Also if you don't see something you would like contact us at and let us know.

Check out some cool stuff

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Counting with fish? yep JMG Studio is working on a book

Wow just a few years ago John-Marc Grob created several kids educational books for print. Now since Apple has come out with there iPad and iPhones. The market has open up so much greater, JMG Studio had to reformat his books (a good thing) for the iPad. Here's one of the pictures for the Counting with Fish too. Oh, did you know about his kids series "FriendFish"? if not well John-Marc Grob has been working on the cute series for several years and his first kids book will be coming out on the iPad very soon. Check out more details for this and other news on our website .


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apple iBookStore and JMG Studio

JMG Studio is happy to announce the partnering together to sell our kids books, they are drawing books, educational books, comic books, story ... and much much more. Our first book will be "How to Draw Dinosaurs" When they are available we will let you know.

Fun coloring puzzle

Hey check out JMG Studio latest product with Memory Cross! this is so cool, it flat and thin, but has 4 different pages to color? Hows that possible? got check out the video to see how Memory Cross does it.

Hey just don't stop at this page check out all the other pages they have, lots of great things your Church and family will love ....


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cool products

JMG Studio, is John-Marc Grob and now if you want own some of his art for several different items, they are:

1. iPad cover
2. iPhone cover
3. Ties
4. Shoes
5. Shirts
6. Mugs
and much much more, check out the link below.

Hugo and the Bug Book 2 is coming out to the iBookStore soon!

Hey after over one year in the making Cartoonist Jeff Shultz has just finish book 2 for Hugo and the Bug" that's not all he finish he just complete his ABC with Hugo too, and what I've seen its really great!

Here's some pictures for the new book enjoy.