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Hot news from the iBookStore


Publisher of digital children’s books, comic books, activities,
alphabet and puzzle app has strong showing on
Apple iBooks download charts

Flanders, NJ (November, 2010) – JMG Studios, a leading supplier of children’s products to department stores, Christian bookstores and arts and crafts dealers recently launched several APPS for use with iPhone and iTouch systems. The company’s offerings have been popular downloads on the Apple iBooks store.  One of the studio’s offerings even hit #11 – a free download called “The Fruit Book” written and illustrated by company founder John-Marc Grob’s son John-Luke. 
In addition to “The Fruit Book,” to date the studio has released three learning activity APPS, two comic book titles, two “how to draw” selections and a children’s book.  Among the JMG Studio family-friendly offerings:
  • The “iABC Noah” APP uses the classic biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, complete with colorful, engaging illustrations of animals and silly sounds to help children learn the letters of the alphabet.  Children can also trace letters on the screen to learn to write each letter. 
  • The “iPuzzle Cartoon” APPS assortment takes the classic puzzles with plastic pieces concept to a digital level.  Children can move the pieces of the puzzle into their designated slots until the puzzle is completed, helping to strengthen shape and visual recognition skills.  There are four puzzles available in varying sizes, featuring over 30 cartoon illustrations based on the bible.
  • “How to Draw Books” JMG Studios has released several popular “How to Draw” titles over the years, including books on drawing Dinosaurs and Fish as instructed by JMG Studios founder, John-Marc Grob.
  • Jeff Shultz’ children’s book “Hugo & the Bug” spins the whimsical tale of a girl who literally runs into a gorilla on the sidewalk… and quickly befriends the silly simian! “Hugo” is sure to appeal to any child… or adult… who has ever wished for an unusual pet.  Or simply anyone with an active imagination!  Along the way meaningful lessons about friendship abound.
  • “Mecha Manga Bible Heroes” is the acclaimed comic book created by Tom Hall and Paul Castiglia that takes classic Old Testament bible stories and transports them to a futuristic world of robots, aliens and advanced technology.  The first issue re-telling the classic David vs. Goliath tale received international coverage.
  • “Captain Clockwork”: Glenn Whitmore’s tale of a hero for our times… in fact, a group of heroes for all times! Thrill to the exploits of a family of time-travelers that help protect humanity and the time stream over generations by preventing or allowing certain events in history.

JMG Studio plans to follow-up these releases with more offerings including further installments of HUGO & THE BUG, MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES and CAPTAIN CLOCKWORK as well as calendars, posters, coloring pages and puzzles. 
One major initiative for JMG is the launch of children’s books based on its FRIENDFISH animated property currently in development  

from and created by John-Marc Grob. 
The initial retail price of the APPS ranges from 99 cents to $1.99.  Plans are underway for enhanced APPS that will include sound effects, music, options for interactive pop-up factoids, and more.  

More information on the APPS offerings
from JMG STUDIO can be found on the internet
at www.jmgstudio.net/atoz.html

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